I can guide, mentor, teach and instruct anyone aged from about 7 to about 97 and from individuals to larger groups.  I can provide ‘standard’ packages of day, multi-day or programmes of tuition over longer periods.

However, I prefer to specialise in bespoke training, instruction or experiences for individuals or small groups of people who often have a unique set of needs or aspirations.

I can assist and advise individuals with as diverse requirement as artists, writers, broadcaster, adventurers, entrepreneurs and educationalists wishing to access unique experiences, be inspired or to develop their skill-base.

I very much enjoy working with Charities and Non-profits related to good causes and favour working for these groups.  Due to other obligations and duties I am currently only providing limited services on a voluntary/no-fee basis to charities and non-profits.

I am based on the edge of Dartmoor, in Devon, with access to forest and high moorland.