My story


I was greatly influenced by my Grandfather, Eddie – he was a great ‘West’ countryman and someone that seemed to belong to an altogether older, wiser world. Before Eddie passed away he gifted me a kernel of knowledge of woodland skills and crafts and the secret bounty of the fields and hedgerows. He also instilled in me the desire to continue learning, experimenting and passing this knowledge on to those who would listen.

My children will grow up in a very different world, as will their children and their children’s children. It makes me sad that we have lost much of the resilience and self-reliance that has come with understanding nature and ourselves living within its folds. The future will present many challenges to existing resources and will promise many climactic events to test the mettle of mankind. I hope that passing on some of these skills and knowledge will help, at least a few, to be more resourceful and resilient when they come to find that there is nothing to fall back on them but themselves, their knowledge and the rich tapestry of nature around them. It will be them who take forward and lead humanity to a point where we can start a new chapter rather than be its final page.


Knowledge has been passed down to me from wise people who remember the old ways. I cherish this learning. It is more valuable than the certificates I have below which only demonstrate a level of professional competence. But for your peace of mind:

  • Advanced Bushcraft Award (NCFE)
  • Remote Area First Aid (ITC)
  • Expedition Food Hygiene (NCFE)
  • Moorland Leader (South West Mountain & Moorland Training Scheme) – walking & camping
  • Enhanced CRB checked and Insured
  • Professional forager
  • Member of the International Society of Forest and Nature Medicine (pending)


References These can be provided. Also, please select ‘feedback’ from the category list on my blogs to see a selection of client comment on my teaching.

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