whittling in the woods!

Whittling in the Woods

12-13 April


By invitation only

48 hours in the springtime forest: just whittling

Rings, Spoons, Spatulas, Kuksa or Bowls

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Fancy whittling with Holly or Birch? Ash or Hazel? Oak or Larch? Chestnut or Cypress? Blackthorn or Hawthorn? Even blackcurrant wood, dogrose or spalted sycamore? The materials are all close by to harvest. Try your hand at making things from greenwood using an axe, knife, spoon-knife or adze.

Sit in the sunshine and whittle around the campfire. Cook over the open fire. Sleep on fragrant and soft fir boughs.

Kids welcome.

If you don’t fancy whittling then nature is everywhere for you to sit and observe or to follow!

Bring your own food to cook over the campfire. Please bring your own sleeping bags, mats and utensils. If you have your own carving knife and axe then please bring these along too!

 Instruction provided!


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