foundational bushcraft instructor training

Over the last three weeks I have been delivering a course designed specifically for transitioning service personnel and veterans. Run as an intensive (dawn until dusk) over nine nights and six days the first cohort of six decended upon the woodland here at Runnng Deer CIC. Challenging for both instructor and student this course is a foundational course into teaching bushcraft. This is not purely a skills-based course but it teaches how to teach, plan and deliver sessions to all ages. It challenged assumption and introduced a range of activities, considerations and tools to equip and inspire the budding instructor. The course aims to

  • Provide a useful framework of teaching theory
  • Provide ‘set’ activities (and hints/tips) for individuals and groups that apply the teaching framework
  •  Inspire participants and to give them confidence to move forward into teaching bushcraft and wilderness skills
  • Give a grounding in the management of risk
  • Make participants aware of issues of compliance, equipment and its maintenance
  • Consolidate or establish the key skills to teach in the areas of:
    a) Bushcraft ‘cornerstones’: Fire, Water and Shelter
    b) Sensory, nature awareness and observational skills
    c) Crafts and Campcraft
    d) Foraging and plant ID

Here are a few photos from the first course (click on any to enlarge):


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