Here is a selection of some of the feedback from people I have taught, mentored and shared with:

“Thank you so much for enabling us to experience the power of forest bathing this morning. Everyone felt you led us with great skill and sensitivity. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from all my team.” Mary 

“In all of this I would like to recognise, thank and celebrate the incredible heart, effort, generosity and time that Mark has put into this. Being around a person who lives and breathes their passion is an inspiration in its self let alone all that you have taught all of us. In this respect the skills we have learnt of course go way beyond a week in August they can be developed over a life time and are treasure in awakening and deepening our relationship with nature. All we need do is practice…….” Katie

“We didn’t just enjoy yesterday we had an AMAZING day,  thank you sooo much! We both feel we’ve learnt alot & will certainly put the information you gave us to good use & carry on foraging” Penny & Pete


“The unanimous decision was – bleddy brilliant evening!  We can’t remember the last time we tried something so different which worked so well. And of course it was made all the better as you joined in the banter – that is what normally makes the evening.” 41 Club Exeter

“Wow Mark,  Thank you so,  so much!!  Really appreciated your time, skills and knowledge yesterday. You do astound me”  B. Howey

“Today I’ve been on a beautiful walk with Mark, and I learnt a lot about foraging. Such and amazing skill to have, I’m really impressed by the amount of plants you can eat and for me they were just a normal plants” J. Gárate

“Thank you again for yesterday Mark, you’re enthusiasm and generosity never fails to inspire me, I Iook forward to our next meeting!” J. Bentinck

“Mark is a fascinating polymath, an expert in many different fields, who, whatever topic he is focussing on, wears his knowledge lightly yet with confident authority. Mark really can start a fire by rubbing two sticks together, carve a spoon out of a piece of wood, make a shelter to sleep under, or fashion an outdoor privy. And he not only has the knowledge to gather wild edible foods, he has the culinary skill to transform them into delicious meals.” Marc


“thankuuuuu…for an amazing amazing amazing day” “wowwwww we actuallly did do all that!!!!!!!!!!! …your integrity is beautiful and i will pass on all knowledge with priceless….no earth currency….blessings… was an amazing amazing day!!!!” Mark…wilderness guide….amazing! “Willow and I spent 8 hrs below freezing in dartmoor today! well done willow! thank u mark…bushcraft amazing instructor” Sam.


“Hi Mark. Thank you! Thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge and your passion for the outdoors! It is truly inspirational! Thanks” Naomi

“Thanks again for such a fantastic couple of days, a defining memory of my apprenticeship so far. Peace and best wishes” Jonathan.


“Ha, seen some of the photos and brought back many happy memories.  Don’t think I can really express the privilige I feel in having you take me and Rob for such an amazing wander.  Million thanks.” Alastair


‘I learned a lot about Bushcraft and I also met new friends and gained more understanding of myself.’ Gabriel


“ I enjoyed the teamwork, being in nature, increased awareness: the whole thing was inspiring”. Hugo

“Thank you for a gorgeous day yesterday – very appreciative of the time you give so generously”. Moon

“I can see that you have put a lot of thought and work into the things you do. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my time and I would highly recommend time with this remarkable chap…” JMC

“Awesome! A day I will never forget!” Pablo

“We went home feeling grounded and connected to nature and each other. I can’t think of a better way to spend a day.” Toby

“And of course a HUGE thank you to Mark.  Without the time you have given, the skills you have passed on and the strength of your commitment to Wildcraft, this would not have happened!” Mel H

“The weekend was absolutely wondrous Mark, many people came up to me to say how much they enjoyed your teaching and the whole concept. I really enjoyed the coverage of skills we achieved. Your flexibility worked really well for people and the enthusiasm you had for helping people attain their goals was very endearing. All of the activities were well appreciated. You were central in what will hopefully be a pretty enduring memory for about twenty-nine people!” Jim

“Thanks so much for everything the other day, after monday i felt deeply inspired and freshly committed to this work- a lot soaked in from the wild food walk and i just want to say a big thankyou, from the bottom of my heart.”A deep thankyou for the tuition last week, its priceless knowledge that you’re passing on and I really hope that you know just how much we appreciate it!” Jane R

“Thank you all SO much for the HUGE amount of the time and enthusiasm you have given, so generously, to make such a memorable day for the children. It was a small idea, initiated by the class, that grew … I think a great example of ‘synergy’! Looking at the photos with Ruth after school, it’s evident that all children were engaged  and enjoying  the rich, first hand, sensory, exciting, challenging and delicious experiences you’ve organised! So many ideas for us to follow up at school … difficult to know which to choose!  Judging by the number of hands that went up expressing an interest in a return visit I think the day can be judged a ‘success’.

And, Ruth and I busy are promoting ‘The Great Outdoors’ that is on our doorstep with other staff at school. It would be great to think that other classes/schools could benefit from/build on, all the planning that has gone into today’s ‘module’! On both a professional and personal level, I have learnt much! Many helpers commented  that they too, have learnt knew things!” Fi

“I’m not much of an emailer but I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the weekend just passed and for all your efforts. I was left buzzing and shattered and alive! It was such a great way to spend time in the woods. Many, many thanks.Stuart D

“As expected, timing was fluid and I think you dealt very well with that, I particularly noted the way you responded to individual’s requests and interests which fitted in perfectly with the ‘vibe’. Feedback was great by the way, they had a great time, nothing more specific, but they enjoyed it and certainly seemed to on the day.” Tom W

“Thanks so much Mark. The session was wonderful, and i am delighted to have walked into this! I feel excited and inspired to go on this learning journey with you and the others, and to build towards passing on this hugely valuable knowledge and experience. I’ll start practicing!” Dan.

“Just to say a big thank you for yesterday.  I think I can speak for us all when I say it was an inspiring and very informative day.  I feel like I’ve taken in loads of new information and that its actually here to stay! (Very unusual for me!).  I’m excited about going out and using some of these skills now and will definitely take your advice to practice.” Mel

“Thanks for a wonderful insight into fire yesterday. I was so inspired I actually went back and cooked dinner there and stayed there into the late hours of the night. I was particuarly inspired by the flint and char cloth seeing it as analogy for the way ideas can spark people and it can catch ‘fire’ very quickly or be slow burning, sometimes it has to be reignited and often it doesn’t catch…Anyway enough philosophy, just trying to comment on the deep effectiveness of what we are learning.” Kate

“our recent days of nature immersion in the Wray Valley was a rich and beautiful experience.” DTM IMG_21962979997282

“Thanks for a great 24 hours in your woods…I’ve come home with a couple of whittling projects well underway, knowing how to start a fire with a steel and wanting more days and nights sat whittling around a camp fire!” DA

What a great night and day I had. Thanks so much for pulling it all together – a great gift to us all.” CL

“Wotcha mark…aye twas lovely…huge bloody thanks for use of the land..and your brain sir…greatly needed and appreciated mark and I’d love the chance for more sylvanian shenanigans. Health to ye n yours and go damn well.” SB