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“I slid to a stop, my toes pipe-ing mud between them. I had missed the turn on an invisible path. As my weight shifted and in the split second between stopping in one direction and tipping in another I was poised, motionless. A statue in the forest: framed by sunlight, steam rising into the chilly ether around me. Deer had stopped munching, alert and hesitant. Squirrels cussing. I stood barefoot as a primitive man – time peeling back 30,000 years – I felt animal, alert, connected, planted with the earth around, in, on and beneath my feet. The sense of texture, of every rock and roll in the soil, the roots, the tendrils of nature: sensory overload. Primitive. Barefoot. Animal. Alive.”  Run like a hunter. Leap like a Deer. WildernessGuide Journal, Dartmoor, Jan 2014.

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