review: husqvarna all-round/multi-purpose axe

This is a mini, long-term review for the Husqvarna all-round, multi-purpose axe.


There have been a number of model changes in the Husqvarna line-up and this, the all-round or multi-purpose axe has recently been replaced by the Forest Axe. The head weights and the shaft lengths are broadly the same (c.2lb, 26 inches). the bit profile is quite a bit thinner on the replacement forest axe (and is probably made by Hultafors). The original axe, reviewed here was probably made by Wetterlings. The head is hammer-forged not cast. This axe is broadly equivalent to the GB Scandinavian Forest Axe or more like the RM Wilderness Axe in head profile/cross section. Various specs are available if you do a web-search, as are other reviews. It has a good quality hickory shaft, a very average but serviceable axe mask (you could make your own).


the middle axe is the husky all-round axe reviewed

Followers of this blog will probably know that I live in a wooded/forested area of predominantly conifer plantation and mixed (prodimantly oak) deciduous woodland. We rely on axes to fell trees, limb trees, split wood and even carve with it. Wood is used to heat the cabin all year round. So, whilst I do not claim to be a lumberjack we use axes on a daily basis, most days of the year. This axe I have been using for several years and is my favourite mid-sized axe. This, in combination with the smaller Husqvarna Hatchet are the two most used axes in my arsenal.


This axe is one of the most versatile – having a 3/4 length handle (compared to a full size felling axe), a medium-heavy head for good punch and speed, and a slightly broader cross-section to the bit/head that makes it a better splitter than than either its replacement model or the GB Scandinavian Forest Axe. I use this axe to fell medium-sized trees, especially when space is tight for swinging a full-sized axe, limbing trees, splitting wood in the field for the campsite when I have only brought one axe. I guess you could try and carve with it but it would be less than ideal. Kindling prep is okay with this axe if you choke up the handle. A hatchet would of course be better. All in all this axe is much more useful in more northerly forests where processing larger diameter wood is a priority – leaving the GB Small Forest Axe in the shade. For around 50 GBP or $60 is very good value. If you can get an older-stocked model then I would recommend it.

Here is a short guide to felling and limbing a tree using this axe.


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