campcraft – a special selection

To celebrate over 300 pages of posts and 26,000 visits to Mark the Wilderness Guide I will be publishing a selection of postings on various subjects – all in one place – to browse. These postings and articles date back a couple of years. Every few days a new selection on a different subject will be posted. Today it is ‘campcraft’.

  1. fire of the day: the criss cross
  2. fire of the day: the long log
  3. fire of the day: the hunter’s fire
  4. fire of the day: the star fire
  5. quick tarp tipi
  6. baking bread over the campfire
  7. splitting wood without a chopping block
  8. splitting wood for kindling safely and easily
  9. splitting wood without an axe
  10. the no.2 guide: loo with a view
  11. primitive ultralight – the roycroft packframe
  12. the burtonsville cooking rig
  13. survival (branch) snow-shoes
  14. greenwood campfire cooking tripod
  15. quick split root cordage
  16. a winter shelter
  17. backpacking wood stoves
  18. swaddling sleeping blanket
  19. ponassing a fish for the campfire
  20. splitting a tree to make a plank
  21. felling, limbing and hauling a tree
  22. breasting a pigeon
  23. pegs, tarps & knots
  24. camp etiquette
  25. camp & food hygiene
  26. making a quick wilderness bowsaw
  27. making a framesaw
  28. shelter, tripod, fire and tea
  29. douglas fir resin first-aid
  30. leave no trace – my environmental policy
  31. safely passing a knife
  32. making pine pitch glue




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