foraging – a special selection

To celebrate over 400 pages of posts and 55,000 visits to Mark the Wilderness Guide I will be publishing a selection of postings on various subjects – all in one place – to browse. These postings and articles date back a couple of years. Every few days a new selection on a different subject will be posted. Today it is ‘foraging’.

  1. on that green blur outside
  2. the gatherer
  3. book review: the hunter-gatherer way
  4. the forager’s wild food diary – spider crab, prawn, winkle, dog whelk and limpet
  5. the forager’s wild food diary – July 21st south devon coast
  6. a forage with a food, wine and travel writer
  7. the forager’s wild food diary – 9th May: riverine and urban fringe forage
  8. active dartmoor foraging feature – blog version
  9. wildcraft perspectives: gathering and foraging
  10. ‘black’ plantain porridge
  11. pendulus sedge bread
  12. hazel milk and hazel cookies
  13. magical rowan
  14. budleigh forage day
  15. sea-beet spanakopita
  16. spider crab, laver and oat patties
  17. steamed and buttered samphire
  18. soused sea purslane
  19. sugar kelp crisps
  20. spring-infused spirits
  21. primrose and dandelion wine
  22. ground elder soup
  23. grandpa’s nettle beer
  24. bittercress soup and Bittercress, Sorrel, Dandelion, Cat’s Ear, Primrose and Nettle Soup
  25. alexander root soup, salad and tisane
  26. birch syrup
  27. douglas fir vodka, soda, birch sap and sweet cecily ice-cubes
  28. trout baked with alexander leaves in a goosegrass bundle and garnished with wood sorrel, served with a wild garlic, bittercress and common sorrel salsa verde, steamed alexander stems and a navelwort salad
  29. young hogweed fried in toasted sesame oil and oak-smoked welsh salt; steamed and buttered chickweed, cleavers and golden saxifrage; pesto of wavy bittercress, swine-cress, charlock, sorrel and wild chervil; and salad of sorrel, navelwort, daisy, hawkbit, lamb’s lettuce, bittercress, nipplewort, wild chervil lightly dressed in a rapeseed and cider vinegar dressing.
  30. dried douglas fir tea
  31. tapping birch for spring sap
  32. christmas tree vodka
  33. winter rosehip syrup
  34. wild service tree jam
  35. breasting a pigeon
  36. late summer forage in the axe valley
  37. laver breakfast patties
  38. lime tree tea
  39. darwin’s barberry jelly
  40. bilberry jam
  41. hudson bay company spruce beer
  42. gorse flower wine
  43. beech leaf noyau
  44. limpet and crispy seaweed on sourdough
  45. moor food than meets the eye
  46. for evergreen tea
  47. roasting cat-tail root
  48. cleaver coffee
  49. acorn coffee
  50. hawthorn & rose turkish delight
  51. wild cannelini
  52. elderflower champagne
  53. steamed wild hop tips with butter
  54. ramson salsa verde and pickled buds
  55. sycamore sap tapping

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