spider crab, laver and oat patties

This is a very versatile dish. This version is a dinner version made with the addition of spider crab, lemon zest and coriander. But my preference is probably as a breakfast pattie, fried and topped with a poached egg and maybe some smoked haddock. Laver is such an excellent seaweed. We should use it more. This link here is how to prepare the laver.


Laver was picked, cooked for hours and then used (or frozen), the spider crab was found wandering the shallows of a sandy beach nearby.

Add the ingredients together (40% laver, 60% oats), cooked crab, zest and juice of a lemon, coriander and season with salt or pepper. Form into patties – they stick together really well because of the glutinous nature of the laver and the starch of the oats. No other binder is necessary. Either shallow fry or brush with a bit of oil and oven cook. Serve with a sweet chilli dipping sauce.

spider crab


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