spring-infused spirits

infused spirit

In parts of the world where you can get away with distilling your own moonshine then this is the one for you. For the rest of us using a flavourless base-spirit like vodka is the only option. But this way it probably avoids the risk of going blind.

Each spring and autumn I make infused spirits. In autumn its Sloe Gin. In spring it is Beech Noyau.  It is perfect for those early summer evenings to ward off the light chill when sitting around the campfire after a long day on the trail. This year I went for something a little different. I infused my (‘not moonshine at all’) spirit with beech leaves, wild sweet cecily, norway spruce and douglas fir tips, seasoned with a pinch of alehoof (ground ivy) and wild currant leaf. The concoction was left to infuse for three weeks. At this point you have the option of adding a sugar syrup and some brandy as in the Beech Noyau to make it into a delicious liqueur or leave it as nature intended.




Disclaimer – This article is NOT telling you to go out and eat wild plants without proper instruction! DO NOT use this article as a guide as to what is safe for you or others to eat. Learn from other sources and know absolutely (110%) what you are picking and consuming and what affect it might have on you and others – before you go off and test your knowledge! The author accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions in this article. Eating wild plants is entirely at your own risk. Just because I have eaten them and/or they are mentioned in this article does not mean that they are safe for anyone to eat. Do not feed wild plants to other people without taking the necessary precautions.


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