field maple teaspoon


Field maple (Acer campestre) produces the hardest, highest density timber of all the European maple species. A tough wood with a warm creamy-brown colour, silky shine and a fine-grain. It was traditionally used for wood-turning, high quality carving and musical instruments (particularly harps). Antonio Stradivari was the first to choose the wood of this tree for his iconic (and very expensive) violins.

The sap, like all maples, can be used to make maple syrup or wine.

Passing a young child through the branches of this tree has traditionally thought to encourage good health and a long life for the child

Here is a small tea or coffee-spoon made out of greenwood. It was made with just an axe, a knife and a hook-knife. Pale now, it will develop a lovely creamy-brown as the fresh wood is exposed to air and light.





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