splitting wood without a chopping block

This is an easy way to split wood, with an axe, but without a chopping block. This method is most suited to a light or medium axe  – long enough to allow for a safe action but light enough to give the head speed for a quick, sharp strike without the control-issues of braking a heavy axe head on follow-though

Raise the front end of the wood you want to split off the ground by placing a small piece of wood under it. Press the other end of the wood into the ground to give it a back-stop.

Positioning is important: place your legs wide – in line with – or just in front of the strike-face of the wood – this will position your ankles  – hopefully  – away from any deflection of the axe-head upon a partial or mis-strike.

A committed, quick, sharp strike is key, along with a controlled braking of the axe on the follow through.

click on the video below to see how this is done


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