winter wooley wonders

Winter warmth with wild wooly wonders. Wool is a material that I have a warm, soft spot for. Its not only warm but keeps its warmth even when damp. It also resists a spark and a singe where my fleeces have got holes. Best of all it does not come from an oil-well and instead has roamed around some hill-side somewhere bleating blissful baas to others in the flock.

  • The very best winter socks made from mohair. Corrymor Explorer Socks recently used in Antartica
  • Legendary boiled wool/felted gloves from Dachstein or if you are looking for a slightly cheaper alternative then ask for these double layer Swiss Wool Mitts from Endicotts
  • Loden wool is an amazing material. Harder wearing, windproof and watershedding. So if you are looking for a fleece alternative then try these from Mufflon
  • If you want to have an extra heavyweight alternative to the British Army wooly pully then track down the Austrian Alpine Wooly Pully. Now you could go for this version at £250+ or search out the reproduction or if you are really lucky track down the military surplus one at nearer the tenth of the price. It really is a classic. I have four.
  • Nearer to home and a real alternative to the kiwi Swanndri is the Bison Guide Shirt.
  • If you are looking for a good, properly heavyweight wool hat made from a fairtrade source then try these Black Yak Cable Beanies
  • Nowadays the versatile buff comes in all colours and designs but try the extra warm merino version or look out for these excellent wool ones from Endicotts
  • The final word in versatile wool warmth is the blanket. A demo of how to properly use one for sleeping outdoors will be posted shortly. Two superb quality examples at either end of the price spectrum are: Hudson Bay Blankets and the Dutch Army Wool Blanket from Endicotts

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