abernethy & cairngorms


Photo permission via creative commons license. Photograph courtesy of Richard Webb

The Cairngorms  in winter are no place for the inexperienced solo traveller. It’s a place of extremes – where the wet, the wind and the cold will take you in its grip, slap you around and dump you face first onto your fate. But it is one of the most exciting british wilderness escapes at this (or at any) time of year. It is a place to telemark ski, snow shoe (if conditions allow), drag a palk with your equipment on board and navigate along the valleys, over the passes, across the fells and between the peaks.

If you have solid cold (and wet) weather experience, knowledge of the high, exposed places and tip-top navigation and winter camping skills (and possibly some ropework too) then it’s a playground for the body and the soul. Venturing to these parts allows you to access the last remaining swathe (in Britain) of Caledonian Forest, the Abernethy Forest. For all these reasons it goes on WG’s santa list for a gift (of time and a train ticket!) to go out and play in the winter wilderness.

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