making a quick wilderness bowsaw

The saw is one of the two natural partners to the knife. The other being the axe. However, a saw is very light, extremely durable, needs little skill or training when compared to an axe and can cut very large sections of wood with little effort. Larger saws such as bowsaws are an excellent choice. However they take up alot of space if you are travelling light in the wilderness. My tip is to take just the bow saw blade with you, store it safely in your billy-can, and make a temporary bow-saw frame on-site.

Below is a video show you how it can be done.

(click on image for video)

Please take extra care when making and using this saw as it is under tension and the blade can spring loose if the blade is not secured into the wood adequately or the wood frame can split or break. If you wish you can bind the ends of the bowsaw more securely to the frame or use metal rings or bolts instead of wooden pegs. Use a bowsaw or any edged tool at your own risk.


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