beech leaf noyau

This is an old English take on those herb-infused continental concoctions – but every bit as good. I make it each spring and its the vernal equivalent of the autumnal sloe gin. Except this is made with beech leaves. This is every bit as delicious as our sloe gin but lighter snd more herby.

  • Young, fresh beech leaves – stripped from the twig/stem
  • 700ml (bottle) Gin
  • 400ml (approx) of beech leaves
  • 225g of white sugar
  • 200ml brandy
  • 300ml water

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Put beech leaves and gin in a jar and leave for 3-4 weeks – secure lid.

Strain off after 3-4 weeks

In pan boil the water and dissolve the sugar.

Let it cool.

Add the infused, strained gin and the brandy.

Bottle it (should make two bottles of the stuff)

Leave for as long as you can to let the spirits meld.

Forget the sambuca….bring out the noyau…

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