wildcraft perspectives: ancestral craft

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Through the creation of handcrafts using natural materials we seek a reconnection with the earth-based life of our ancestors. The production of craft items is the culmination of technique, tool choice, material choice, correct processing and safety…along with some creative judgement.

‘Crafts’ is a rather broad church that encompasses many of the skills and equipment to extract, process and use the raw resources around us in order to create useful or pleasing items. Being able to take seemingly un-usable raw materials and create something out of them not only helps to exist in the wilderness by helping us access and utilise our environment but it provides a creative interface with nature that is both aesthetically pleasing and spiritually rewarding. Importantly crafts embody a knowledge of how to make things of use and beauty and by mastering them means a preservation of ancient skills for the next generation and helps us continue to connect with the land around us.

We teach various crafts on Wildcraft because it

re-establishes a direct link with our ancestors – placing us directly in their minds, but now, in the present.

provides a link between the object being crafted and the resource that it is foraged from lying around us.

teaches both an art and a science and how this comes together, with the application of skill, patience and effort to create something of use or of beauty…or both.

 inspires curiousity in the things around us and frees the imagination as to what can be made from it.

shows us to make rather than just purchase is rewarding, giving us the confidence to make decisions as to what materials are most suitable and through what methods it can be achieved.

Best of all it helps us value nature around us: a value that which we will hold dear.


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