embercombe feedback: water

“Thank you for a gorgeous day yesterday – very appreciative of the time you give so generously”. Moon

Last week I spent a glorious day with some of the apprentices, associates and volunteers at Embercombe. We talked about water sourcing and preparation in the wilderness ahead of the 2012 wildraft programme. I’d like to thank Kate, Mel, Jane and Dan who were my last year’s wildcraft trainee instructors who delivered much of this session.

We covered:

  • The importance of water.
  • Sourcing water.
  • Unsafe water.
  • Making water safe.
  • During the day we made natural filters, tripod filters and used filter socks. During the day we sourced our water from natural sources  – including digging a gypsy well and collecting morning dew. We boiled up a fair few litres and had cups of tea from the results. Organic water from the organic land beneath our feet.
  • We talked about using and storing water.

The volunteers had built an arctic lean-to shelter overnight and slept out with a ‘long-log fire’ to keep warm. In the afternoon they learned how to hang a tarp and rig a hammock.

Below is a gypsy well that filled with water and settled clear overnight. It was dug about 12 inches deep and was about 7 inches across and holding 8-10 litres of water. Dig a few of these and they could provide a viable water source for a small group.

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