feedback: wildcraft

From Mel, one of the instructors:

“For all of us involved in the Wildcraft week, it was an incredible journey in which we all learned from each other and from the life that surrounded us in the woods.  Close friendships were made, skills were enriched and we all left inspired by our experiences in some way or other.  Thank you to all the participants for making it so wonderful!

 A big thank you to Kate, Dan, Stu, Jane for your incredible input before and throughout the Wildcraft week.  Your individual skills, consistent support and friendship were essential to making the week such a success.  Thank you also to Sue for your wonderful stories that you told us round the campfire.  They brought a richness and a sense of magic to the evenings that was inspiring to all.  And of course a HUGE thank you to Mark Lane.  Without the time you have given, the skills you have passed on and the strength of your commitment to Wildcraft, this would not have happened!”


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