on that green blur outside

Understanding the uses of various plants, shrubs and trees around us is an important part of unlocking and processing these resources for medicinal, food, shelter or other purposes. Without this knowledge both understanding our environment, its indicators, its biology and even its topography becomes a closed book. Access to an important resource to sustain oneself in the wilderness is denied.

To distinguish detail in this ‘green blur’ helps us grasp the potential in nature and also bonds us directly the wisdom of past peoples. To understand the methods by which Gatherers found and made useful various plants is part of creating a continuous and developing living history.

This knowledge will equip you with an extra perspective as you travel through nature. It will become a place where you can eat the view, become as close to nature as you can by becoming a part of its food chain and see into the ‘green blur’ through the unhindered eyes of our ancestors.


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